Multifamily Apartment

What is Multifamily?

Multifamily Apartment is one kind of rental dwellings for multi-family residents.  It typically hosts a number of apartments, held under a single title and leased out to individual households. Multifamily Apartment property design and management is primarily for leasing purpose. To improve operational efficiency, the manager authorizes a local property management company to take care of leasing and maintenance. Multifamily Apartment is regarded the most proven and mature commercial property investment strategy.

Season Capital is managing the property fund with a primary focus on multi-family apartment investments in the US. Through acquiring properties with value-add potential, using government financing platforms or bank loans, upgrading amenities, strengthening property management, we can reposition them to enhance their rental values.  At last, we will sell the investment given the right circumstances after its rental income has stabilized and the property value has appreciated. Investors can participate with relatively low entry barriers and enjoy stable cash rental income. Throughout the 5-year investment period, the average annual IRR return is 10-20%, which is an ideal investment against inflation.

Why Invest in U.S. Multifamily?

  1. Stable Income: Investors can receive stable cash dividends of about 5% p.a., while the property is generating rental income.
  2. Risk under Control: With typical occupancy rate of over 90%, Multifamily Apartments are least affected by the pandemic or economic cycles, as compared to other real estate asset classes.
  3. Market Depth: The U.S. Multifamily Apartment rental market is consistently under strong demand, with an annual turnover of more than 100 billion USD. Transaction data are open and transparent.
  4. Financing Cost: Season Capital makes full use of the low interest rate environment, locks in cheap cost of long term borrowing, and thus increases investment returns.
  5. Management Team: Season Capital management team has more than 20 years of investment experience on average.  We typically co-invest alongside with our investors for full alignment of interest.


Through investing in our funds, investors can diversify allocation to multiple residential projects and reduce investment risks. The tenor is usually 5 years, with an optional extension period of 2 years.

The target total internal rate of return (IRR) is more than 10% annualized, with an annual cash dividend of not less than 5% distributed every quarter.

Season Multifamily Track Record

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