Season Capital is a professional asset management institution based in Hong Kong. Our subsidiary, Season Asset Management Limited, holds the Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) licenses of the Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong. Coming from world-class fund houses, investment banks and commercial banks, each of our management team members have more than 10 years of financial industry experience.

Service Scope

US Real Estate Fund

Season Capital focuses on US real estate fund. Relying on our team’s professional capabilities, institutional network, and knowledge in the US market, we design US real estate fund products and provide related investment management and investment advisory services.

Season Capital US team constantly searches for potential property investment opportunities, builds property project reserves, and creates long-term stable returns for real estate fund investors. We acquire US real estate projects with superior geographic locations and investment value. We are familiar with local laws and regulations. Through optimal design of real estate fund investment structure, we can reduce financing costs, avoid tax expenses, and maximize real estate fund returns, and thus our track record is highly regarded.

Family Office Services

In order to meet the investment and wealth planning needs of high-net-worth individuals and wealthy families, Season Capital provides a full range of family office services, covering investment management, investment structure design, tax planning and charitable donations. Based on Season Capital’s industry knowledge and institutional networks, we collaborate with a team of professionals across legal service, family trust, private banking, insurance, investment management, real estate and tax consultants. Our goal is to solve problems for families.

Immigration and Asset Allocation

Popular overseas immigration destinations, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States, all have implemented global taxation policies. Once becoming a local tax resident, regardless of asset locations, the asset holder will have to bear additional tax burdens. Different countries and different immigration policies imply different tax liabilities. Therefore, all those planning to emigrate must prepare tax identity planning and asset allocation in advance. Season Capital provides immigration tax planning and asset allocation services for families preparing for immigration.

Season Vision

We firmly believe in “All Season” investment philosophy:

The word “Season” exemplifies our investment philosophy. We believe that a good investment style should follow the logic of business cycles, just like all creatures can survive only by adapting to seasonal changes. This means that we need to do the right strategy at the right place and at the right time.  We should make good judgment and stick to discipline. There is no need to follow the herd nor go alone.

Season investment strategy

Capture Investment Opportunities

Season Capital plans globally for investment opportunities. Taking the U.S. as an example, Season Capital’s local partners source potential investment opportunities and build our proprietary project reserve. Through acquisitions of properties on right locations and investment values, Season Capital secures stable long-term returns to our investors.  We are familiar with local laws and regulations.  Through investment structure design, we reduce financing costs and tax expenses, and thus, further maximize investment returns.

Risk Management

As a professional and licensed investment manager, Season Capital implements a set of rigorous risk management guidelines.

In-depth research is essential to Season Capital investment decision making process.  We conduct due diligence on the background of the project’s developer and operator, analyze operating status, business plan and exit strategy. We assess the project’s financial data, forecast future cash flow, profitability and capital structure.

Season hot programs

Multifamily Apartment

We focus on multifamily apartment investments in the United States. Through acquiring properties with value-add potential, upgrading amenities, strengthening property management, we reposition them to enhance their rental values.  At last, we will exit the investment at the right circumstances after its rental income stabilizes.

Property Development

Unlock investment values through transformation of vacant land or existing property into new properties.  Funds raised are provided to developers for acquiring the property, obtaining development permits, building construction and internal works.  After completion, the property can be either for sale or rent.

U.S. EB-5 Immigration

Investors can obtain the United States green card with EB-5, through investing in a designated U.S. project and creating 10 job opportunities. For many investors, the EB-5 Program is the most convenient option to obtain a U.S. green card for the entire family.

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