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Global financial institutions will increase investment in US real estate over the next 3-5 years, far more than that of the rest of the world.

Will increase allocations to US real estates
Will increase allocations to US Multifamily
Will increase allocations to US Multifamily value-add strategy

What is Multifamily?

Multifamily apartment is a residential rental property consisting of multiple units held under a single title and leased to multiple private family residents. Property design and management are only for leasing purposes. Local property management companies are entrusted to be responsible for leasing and maintenance to improve operational efficiency. Multifamily apartments have long been the most popular investment strategy in commercial real estate.

As the investment manager, we have the expertise and track record to invest multifamily apartments.  Through acquiring residential properties with value-added potential, we upgrade the asset and optimize its management and financial structure.  Upon stabilization of rental income, we find the right strategic exit and take profit.

Real Estate Fund

In mature capital markets, investors do not need to buy a property directly. Through real estate funds, investors can participate real estate investment return, without costs and risks due to real estate transactions.

Real estate funds are backed by a professional real estate fund management team.  Investors can benefit from greater economy of scale.

In addition, real estate funds can diversify risk through investment portfolios, resulting in stable rental income and capital appreciation.

Participate Multifamily Investment 
(Professional Investors only)

The following is the subscription procedure for real estate funds.  If you are a Professional Investor and are interested to learn more, please make an appointment with our investment advisor now.

Season Capital - US property fund subscription process

Track Record

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