Season Capital and Ido-Immigration announce new strategic alliance

思辰資本 與 香港人移民顧問 宣佈達成戰略合作

Hong Kong – May 16, 2022 – Season Capital and Ido-Immigration Consulting announced strategic alliance focusing on overseas investment management and immigration consulting services.  The integration can provide synergy and improve customer experience with full blown service on wealth management and identity planning.

Investors nowadays are most concerned about interest rate hikes under high inflation. Covid has further dampened the outlook of mainland China’s economy. Facing the worst investment environment over the past decade, family wealth management has become more difficult.

Many entrepreneurs and professionals have built up a certain amount of wealth.  Families have their vision across country boundaries and must think globally.  While globalization provides more options for family identity planning, but also brings up various complexity and challenges.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning and Identity Planning

Alan Wong, the founding partner of Season Capital, said: “For high-net-worth clients, identity planning and wealth management are two major considerations for their families. In practice, we realize that the relationship between them is inseparable. To improve the customer experience, it is necessary for us to integrate resources at a higher level.” Identity planning refers to the legal status and settlement of family members, while wealth planning refers to issues such as the choice of jurisdiction, investment structure and asset allocation. These two major plans and layouts will extend and affect all aspects of the future, including: investment management, asset segregation, tax planning, children’s education, wealth inheritance, legal and compliance. The planning and management mentioned above are the services of the family office.

Professional Investment Research and Immigration Service Support

While immigration consultants are handling investor immigration cases for applicants, although they understand immigration regulations and procedures, the vast majority of them do not have legal and professional qualifications to conduct research and risk assessment of these underlying investment projects. Applicants can only rely on their own investment knowledge to make judgement. From applicants’ perspectives, obtaining a legal immigration status is the single most important priority. But under the worst-case scenario, if the investment project fails, they will not only suffer investment losses, but even lose their immigration status altogether.

Through strategic alliance with Ido-Immigration, Season Capital, as a legal and professional financial institution can screen and analyze overseas investor immigration projects for applicants. The team conducts due diligence, assesses risks, and review the investment structure. This investment advisory service provides a stronger confidence and support for applicants who choose an overseas investor immigrant visa.

Serene Chan, the Partner of Ido-Immigration, said: “Some immigration consulting firms in the market may be tempted to recommend some more profitable immigration projects to their applicants. A large volume of project information is presented to applicants for their own decisions. The applicant then takes the entire responsibility on project selection. I believe that our strategic cooperation can better protect the interests of the applicant, so that the applicant can not only obtain the immigration status smoothly, but also have professional investment analysis to assist the applicant to make a more knowledgeable investment decision.”

About Season Capital

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As a Hong Kong based professional asset management institution, Season Asset Management Ltd., under the Season Capital group holds the Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) license of the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. Each member of Season management team has more than 10 years of financial industry experience, from world-class fund companies, investment banks and commercial banks.

Season Capital has a global presence and access to high-quality investment opportunities. Taking the United States as an example, the local team of Season Capital constantly searches for potential investment opportunities and builds project reserves. Provide investors with long-term stable returns by acquiring real estate projects over strategic locations and with strong investment value. Being familiar with local regulations, Season Capital design investment structures to reduce financing costs, avoid tax expenses, and maximize investment returns.

About Ido-Immigration


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Ido-Immigration’s professional immigration legal team handles investor immigration, employer sponsorship, skilled immigration, study immigration for applicants to destinations such as Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Ireland, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Through making an optimized immigration proposal, the applicant can save money and time for the most reliable and secure solution.

Ido-Immigration’s philosophy is to help immigration applicants who want to make a lifetime decision and take the first step towards changes. Since 2018, the company has adopted an electronic application system to simplify the overall immigration application process, where applicants can better understand the progress of application. Applicant’s privacy is taken seriously, while being segregated and protected. The application plan can be adjusted to satisfy the applicant’s ever-changing needs on identity planning.