Property Development

Nature of Property Development

The nature of development project is to unlock investment values through transformation of vacant land or existing properties into new properties.  For example, residential apartments, office buildings or shopping centers.  As an asset manager, Season Capital provides investors with property development investment opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns.  Funds raised are provided to developers for acquiring the property, obtaining permits, building construction and internal works.  After completion, the property can be either for sale or rent.

Keys for Property Development Investment

  • Choice of Developer: The developer must present comprehensive track record in real estate design and development, construction, and sales strategy.  
  • Location: Superior neighborhood with convenient transportation and supporting amenities. Suitable for investment or self-occupation, the property must present great potential for capital appreciation.
  • Positioning: Unit design must be optimized with strong market appeal, and present core advantages over similar projects in the surrounding area.
  • Investment structure: Investors can choose either to invest in a single project, or an investment fund with a portfolio of projects in different geographical locations.

Ways of Participation

  • Development Fund: Investor capital is pooled with other investors’ capital for easy access to large-scale real estate development. Participation includes debt financing or direct equity investments.
  • Direct Purchase on Pre-construction Unit: Investors can purchase off-the-plan properties and be able to choose their favorite unit at a discounted price for self-occupation or investment purposes.

    The managers at Season Capital carefully select development projects, allowing investors to participate with relatively small capital.

    The partner developers with Season Capital have many years of experience in real estate development. Investments are in desirable locations, with tenor no more than 3 years in general.  They can meet investor demand, either for investment or self-usage, with considerable returns.

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